Introduction to Java

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Introduction to Java
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Introduction to Java

An introductory course to the Java programming language, one of the most popular programming languages in the world supported by a global community of millions and in which a significant number of web, mobile, artificial intelligence and big data frameworks are written.

Course Details

This course provides an in-depth and hands-on introduction to the Java programming language. Java is a general purpose programming language that is used to build a huge range of modern computer applications, from web services, web applications and mobile applications to enterprise-grade systems, artificial intelligence libraries and big data frameworks. Java is widely known by many software engineers, due in part to its presence on almost all undergraduate computer science courses globally. However it is also synonymous with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - a computer programming paradigm where the world is modelled as objects that store data and interact with each other. It is because of its close relationship with OOP that makes Java a popular choice for software engineers as it can be used to develop reusable and interoperable software libraries and services. This course introduces the basics of the Java programming language including variables, common data types and structures, numbers and strings, control flow, exception handling and debugging. In the next course, we explore how Java is used for Object Oriented Programming specifically.


There are no prerequisites to taking this course.


  • An intermediate-level understanding of general computer programming concepts including common data types and structures, control flow, concurrency, exception handling and debugging.
  • The ability to develop software applications and services in Java.
  • Foundational coding knowledge from which to develop a career as a polyglot software engineer.

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